FPIC’s Team-Building Journey in Huizhou, 2023

Greetings, FPIC Family! 🌟

Buckle up for the tale of our recent escapade to the scenic wonders of Huizhou! 🚌✨

Day 1: The Off-Road Extravaganza 🚙

Our journey kicked off with a wild ride through nature’s rollercoaster. Picture this: reeds, valleys, steep slopes, sandy beaches – a 45-degree angle? No sweat for our adventurous souls! Off-roading, FPIC style, was a blast!

Off-Road Extravaganza

Jinhai Bay Jiahua Hot Springs 🌊

Post-adventure, we unwound in the lap of luxury at Jinhai Bay Jiahua Hot Springs. Imagine warm water, a breathtaking view, and the feeling of every worry melting away. It was relaxation on another level!

FPIC Events

Beachside Barbecue Bash 🏖️🍢

As the sun began its descent, we cranked up the heat with a beach barbecue. DIY grilling, sizzling delights, and laughter filling the air – a perfect recipe for a night to remember!

Beachside Barbecue

Bonfire Shenanigans 🔥

Under the moonlit sky, we gathered around a crackling bonfire. Stories, laughter, and maybe a song or two – the night was young, and so were we!FPIC Team Building

Day 2: Rise and Shine, Beach Athletes! 🌅

Morning brought beach sports – a clash of the titans! From volleyball showdowns to sandcastle triumphs, every moment was a victory for team FPIC.

beach sports

CS Team Battle: Tactical Showdown 🤖🎯

CS: FPIC Edition! We navigated through thrilling scenarios, strategizing, and showcasing our tactical prowess. Who knew work skills could translate so well into a battlefield?


Archery Extravaganza 🏹

Arrows, bows, and a little friendly competition. Bullseye or not, we all hit the mark when it came to having a great time!

Archery Extravaganza

Homeward Bound at 2:30 PM ⌛

With hearts full of memories and maybe a little sand in our shoes, we bid farewell to Huizhou. Until next time, FPIC, let’s keep the Huizhou spirit alive in our hearts!

FPIC Team-building

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Safe travels, adventurers! 🌍✈️ #FPICAdventure #HuizhouEscape #TeamBuildingFun #ConnectWithFPIC