Operating Temperature Range -40 ~  85 °C
Salt Spray Corrosion 48 Hours
Industry Standard IEC61076-2-106
Rated Surge Voltage 800V
Working Voltage 125V
Insulation Resistance ≥ 100MΩ
Rated Current 5A
R(max) 3mΩ
Contact Material CuSn
IP Rating IP67
Endurance(shell) > 100
Contact Carrier Material PBT
M16 Female Shielded Plug 7-Pin Circular Connector

M16 Molding Connector Female 07P Code A


  • Shielded and Unshielded Options:
    • Shielded version provides enhanced protection against electromagnetic interference (EMI), ensuring reliable data transmission in electrically noisy environments.
    • Unshielded version offers a cost-effective solution for applications where EMI protection is not a critical requirement.
  • M16 Female Shielded Plug Applications:
    • Industrial Automation: Reliable connections for sensors, actuators, and control systems.
    • Automotive Electronics: Ideal for secure and interference-free connections in vehicles.
    • Telecommunications: Ensures stable signal transmission in communication equipment.
    • Medical Devices: Provides robust and reliable connections for medical equipment.
    • Outdoor Applications: Suitable for harsh environments due to its high protection rating.

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