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EV High Voltage Connectors

Powering Tomorrow’s Mobility

The Significance of EV High Voltage Connectors

EV high voltage connectors are essential components that facilitate the safe and efficient transfer of electrical power within the vehicle’s high-voltage system. These connectors are critical for various key functions:

1. High Voltage Battery Management:

EV high voltage connectors manage the power flow to and from the high-capacity battery packs. They are designed to handle high-current loads while maintaining safety and reliability.

2. Power Distribution:

Connectors in the power distribution system ensure that electrical power is distributed accurately to various vehicle systems, including the electric motor, power electronics, and auxiliary systems.

3. Charging Infrastructure:

High voltage connectors play a vital role in enabling fast-charging capabilities, allowing EVs to recharge quickly and efficiently at charging stations.

Product Information

Housing Material PA66+GF25
Unlocking Method 2 Times Unlocking
Palm Rejection IP2XB
Wire Size 25mm²~50mm²
Pin Size 8.0mm
Operation Temperature -40℃~125℃

Product Parameter

Rated Current 120A~200A
Rated Voltage 800V DC
Voltage Resistance 3500V AC
Insulation Resistance 500MΩ Min
Life Time ≥50 Cycles
IP Level IP67

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