Celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival

As September turns to October, China embraces a double celebration – the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day. These two holidays, one steeped in tradition and the other a symbol of a strong, prosperous nation, come together to create a time of joy and unity. At FPIC, we will be observing these holidays from September 29th to October 4th, taking this opportunity to celebrate with our loved ones and honor our remarkable country.

Mid-Autumn Festival: A Time for Reunion

The Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as the Moon Festival, falls on the 15th day of the 8th lunar month. This special day is marked by the full moon, a symbol of unity and togetherness. Families gather to appreciate the moon’s beauty and share mooncakes, a delicious treat with various flavors and fillings.

At FPIC, we see the Mid-Autumn Festival as a time to reflect on the importance of family and unity. Just as the moon shines its light on all, we are reminded of our commitment to providing connectivity solutions that bridge gaps and bring people together. We cherish this time with our loved ones, and we extend our warmest wishes to our FPIC family, customers, and partners.

mid-autumn festival

National Day: Celebrating Our Prosperous Nation

On October 1st, China commemorates National Day, a day of great significance. It marks the founding of the People’s Republic of China in 1949 and stands as a testament to the country’s growth, strength, and unity. The day is celebrated with grand parades, flag-raising ceremonies, and a sense of pride in our nation’s achievements.

At FPIC, we take pride in contributing to China’s success story. Our commitment to excellence and innovation aligns with the spirit of progress and prosperity. As we celebrate National Day, we extend our gratitude to our employees, customers, and partners for being an integral part of our journey.

happy national day

A Time of Renewal and Gratitude

During this festive season, FPIC takes a moment to reflect on our core values of innovation, quality, and collaboration. We remain dedicated to providing cutting-edge connector solutions that power connections and advance technology.

As we come together to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day, we express our heartfelt thanks to all who have been part of our growth. May these holidays be filled with joy, unity, and renewed hope for a bright future.

From all of us at FPIC, Happy Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day!