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Voluntary blood donation is a red thread that conveys true affection among people, and it is a traditional virtue of the Chinese nation. At FPIC, our long-standing corporate mission is to “create value for customers and all stakeholders, provide better remuneration and benefits for employees, and make due contributions to society.”

FPIC blood Donation

On June 17, 2024, we organized our first collective activity themed “Voluntary Blood Donation, Spreading Love.”

The city’s central blood bank provided us with educational brochures on blood donation, enabling all employees to better understand the importance and knowledge of blood donation. This initiative aimed to foster moral values and perspectives centered on caring for society, serving others, and being willing to contribute.

Voluntary Blood Donation

At the blood donation event, our General Manager set a positive example by being the first to sign up and participate, demonstrating strong leadership and encouragement. Medical staff carefully explained blood donation knowledge and precautions to our employees, guiding them through the registration process and ensuring that the blood tests and collection were conducted smoothly. In recognition of our efforts, the Shenzhen Bao’an District Central Blood Bank awarded FPIC the title of “Shenzhen Voluntary Blood Donation Public Welfare and Love Unit.”

The preciousness of life is undeniable, and it is our duty to help those in need to the best of our ability. We hope that through this event, more employees will understand and participate in blood donation. FPIC remains committed to supporting public welfare through concrete actions, shouldering social responsibility, and exemplifying corporate responsibility.

FPIC blood Donation

The Benefits of Blood Donation:

  1. Saving Lives:Each donation can save up to three lives.
  2. Health Benefits for Donors:Regular blood donation can help in reducing harmful iron stores, lowering cancer risk, and promoting heart health.
  3. Community Engagement:It fosters a sense of community and shared responsibility.
  4. Personal Satisfaction:Donors often feel a great sense of satisfaction and purpose knowing they have made a significant difference in someone’s life.

We encourage all our employees and members of the community to join us in this noble cause. Together, we can make a difference and showcase the true spirit of humanity.