Number Of Position 04P
Operating Temperature  -25℃~85℃
Salt Spray Corrosion 48hr
Industry standard of connector IEC61076-2-114
Vtest 1500V
working voltage 60V
Insulation resistance ≥100MΩ
Rated Current 3A
R (max) 3 MΩ
IP Rating IP67
Endurance (Shell) >100
Insulator material PA6.6
M8 Female Shielded Plug 4P Code D

M8 Female Shielded Plug 4P Code D Connector


M8 Female Shielded Plug 4P Circular Connector

  • Designed with three pins and Code D coding, this connector ensures precise mating and secure connections.
  • Its shielded design provides protection against electromagnetic interference (EMI), ensuring signal integrity in electrically noisy environments.
  • The compact size and robust construction make it suitable for space-constrained installations and harsh operating conditions.
  • With IP67-rated sealing, it offers excellent protection against dust and water ingress, ensuring reliable operation even in challenging environments.
  • The M8 Female Shielded Plug 4P Code D Circular Connector is easy to install and provides a durable solution for applications requiring reliable electrical connections.

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