Part Number

Part No. Connection Type Rated Current Color
A082-2M06-D006B-0A Copper Bar Inner Thread 120A Black
A082-2M06-D006B-5A Red
A082-2M06-D006B-6A Orange
A082-2M06-E006B-0A Copper Bar Through Hole 120A Black
A082-2M06-E006B-5A Red
A082-2M06-E006B-6A Orange
A082-2M06-A006B-0A Inner Thread 120A Black
A082-2M06-A006B-5A Red
A082-2M06-A006B-6A Orange
A082-2M06-B006B-0A Outer Thread 120A Black
A082-2M06-B006B-5A Red
A082-2M06-B006B-6A Orange
A082-2M06-C006B-0A Crimping 120A Black
A082-2M06-C006B-5A Red
A082-2M06-C006B-6A Orange

Product Information

Housing Material PA66+GF25
Connection Type Thread/Through Hole
Palm Rejection IP2XB
Installation Location Back Installation
Pin Size 6.0mm
Operation Temperature -40℃~125℃

Product Parameter

Rated Current 120A
Rated Voltage 1000V DC
Voltage Resistance 3000V AC
Insulation Resistance 1000MΩ Min
Life Time ≥100 Cycles
IP Level IP67

1000V 120A Receptacle

Reliable Energy Reception for High-Current Demands


  1. High-Current Capacity: The 1000V 120A Receptacle is engineered to handle high currents up to 120A, enabling reliable power reception for demanding applications.
  2. Precise Connection: Designed to provide a precise and secure connection with our 1000V 60A, 80A, and 120A Plugs, minimizing power loss and ensuring uninterrupted power flow.
  3. Durable Build: Built with rugged materials, the receptacle is highly resistant to environmental factors, ensuring consistent performance in challenging conditions.
  4. Safety Assurance: The receptacle complies with international safety standards, offering a safe and protected energy transfer experience.
  5. User-Friendly Design: The receptacle’s user-friendly design facilitates easy installation and maintenance, saving time and effort.

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