Current Rating 1.0AMP
Insulation Resistance 1000MQ MIN.
Contact Resistance 20mQ MAX.
Withstanding voltage AC/DC  250V MIN.
Operating Temperature -25°C to +85°C
Material PA66 UL 94V-0
Color White
1.25mm Housing

1.25mm Housing–EHM401


  • Compact Brilliance:
    • The 1.25mm Housing is engineered with a compact design, making it ideal for applications where space optimization is crucial.
    • Despite its small size, the housing boasts robust construction, ensuring durability in various operating conditions.
  • Customizable Contact Plating:
    • Tailor your connectors to perfection with a choice of contact plating options — opt for gold or tin over nickel to meet the unique demands of your project.
    • This customization capability adds a layer of flexibility to the housing’s performance.
  • Mates Perfectly with 1.25mm Wafer:
    • The 1.25mm Housing is purpose-built to seamlessly mate with our 1.25mm Wafer Connector, providing a reliable and efficient connection solution.
    • This compatibility ensures a hassle-free integration process, allowing for a smooth and reliable performance.

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